Delivery Conditions


Quotation is valid for 30 days and subject to intermediate sale.

General delivery terms OEM & CEM

Deliveries are made according to IML-2000, and the amendments listed below. Please be aware each offer and/or (proforma)invoice might include additional/seperate conditions as are ahead of all other conditions.

Amendments to delivery terms according to IML-2000

Returns will only be accepted if they are for reasons that are the responsibility of TMSNET, such as manufacturing defects or incorrect product delivery. Incorrect product deliveries (visual inspection only, functional warranty not applicable) are to be reported during goods arrival.


Delivered goods are sold with the same standard guarantee offered by manufacturers, with a minimum of one year guarantee.


Products we offer are delivered with full traceability and with max 18 month old date codes, unless otherwise stated in quotation and / or order recognition.


TMSNET has transport and liability insurance through Länsförsäkringar.