Logistical solutions


We offer a wide range of logistics solutions such as consignment inventory, call-off stock for rolling production, safety stock of obsolete materials. Our warehouse is humidity controlled, procedures and packing surfaces are adapted to JEDEC standard.

Call-off orders

Do you want to avoid tying up capital but at the same time make sure to buy your components at the right price? Then have deliveries made through call-off orders. We warehouse items and have them delivered when it suits you. This also lets you avoid inventory costs.


Via our password-protected extranet you always have up-to-the-minute stock status on your call-off stock, import forecasts and much more:

  1. View current stock status on your call-off stock
  2. View current status of your consignment stocks
  3. Monitor difficult to find and expensive components
  4. Search technical specification
  5. Match the items for sale with TMSNET´s articles needs