Circuit boards (PCB)

We offer a wide range of printed circuit boards made by carefully selected factories in Asia.

Material FR4\high TG FR4\Lead free material\CEM1\CEM3\Aluminum\Metal core\PTFE\Rogers
Number of layers 1-28 layers
Out layer Cu thickness 1-6OZ
Inner layer Cu thickness 1-4OZ
Maximum processing area 610*1100mm
Minimum board thickness 2 layers 0.3mm (12mil)
4 layers 0.4mm (16mil)
6 layers 0.8mm (32mil)
8 layers 1.0mm (40mil)
10 layers 1.1mm (44mil)
12 layers 1.3mm (52mil)
14 layers 1.5mm (59mil)
16 layers 1.6mm (63mil)
Minimum Width 0.076mm (3mil)
Minimum Space 0.076mm (3mil)
Minimum hole size (final hole) 0.2mm
Drilling hole size 0.2-0.65mm
Drilling tolerance +\-0.05mm(2mil)
PTH tolerance Φ0.2-1.6mm +\-0.075mm (3mil)
NPTH tolerance: Φ0.2-1.6mm +\-0.05mm(2mil)
Finish board tolerance Thickness<0.8mm, Tolerance:+/-0.08mm
Minimum soldermask bridge 0.076mm (3mil)
Twisting and bending ≤0.75% Min0.5%
Raneg of TG 130-215℃
Impedance tolerance +/-10%,Min+/-5%
Surface Treatment HASL, LF HASL
Immersion Gold, Flash Gold,Gold finger
Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin,OSP

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